The Future Is Not Unwritten is a Smart Film about Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism. An open-ended narrative, which evolves endlessly using machine-learning code. Continuous protagonist: a female avatar, who is adressing the audience with questions about the future of mankind and human existence.

Release: November 2017


Idea & Author & Director: Susanne Steinmassl
Concept: Susanne Steinmassl & Maximilian Heitsch
Code: Moby Digg
Writers: Heiner Hendrix, Mira Mann
3D Artist: Phyllis Josephine
Music: Angela Aux, DVDV
Research: Eva Neidlinger


Supported by the KIRCH Foundation, Carl Rein, Regina Hesselberger, University of Television and Film Munich, Prof. Michaela Krützen and supported by the Goethe-Institut Tokyo.